The Benefits Of Having A Mentor In Mlm

The world is full of successful people, and these people are to whom others look up to. A lot of these successful people have found success in business world, some from the multi-level marketing business industry. You may think that they were able to achieve many things in life all by themselves. Looking closer, however, you will notice that they probably started out just like you. Delving deeper will also reveal that most of them have had mentors in one point or another of their MLM business.

Having a mentor in nearly everything is truly beneficial. Some may see it as some sort of dependence but having a mentor is admitting that you need outside help in order to achieve excellence in whatever you are doing. A mentor is basically someone that is more experienced and knowledgeable and is able to assist you in your endeavors.

Having a mentor is also quite important in the MLM business. The lack of a mentor often leads to the failure of the vast majority of people in the MLM business. Statistics show that nearly 97% of people who venture in the MLM industry fail. This is because a lot of people are introduced everyday into various MLM opportunities without the full idea of what exactly goes into being successful at them.

Most individuals who join the MLM business industry are employed in a company or are in similar situations. They often turn to MLM with the purpose of earning extra income or even earn a stable monthly income that will enable them to be free from being a mere employer and face becoming self-employed. A contributing factor to the significant amount of failures is the incapability of these newbies. They often have no idea of running their own business because they have only been subordinates in the past. As so, they tend to have a lacking in the insight on how to manage an MLM business. To remedy such problem, it only seems to be practical to find yourself a reliable mentor who has been in the MLM business himself and possesses skills and experiences to match. An MLM mentor will be able to teach you the fundamentals and everything you ought to know about the business until you are able to stand on your on feet.

It is not that difficult for a new MLM marketer to get stuck somewhere in the process. This is where an MLM business mentor can be most beneficial. Being the skilled and skilled individual that a mentor is, he must have also experienced a number of problems in his own MLM business. The survival and thriving of your mentor’s MLM business is a testament to his wisdom on dealing with such problems. An adage goes that good decisions come from experience while experience comes from bad decisions. Staying true to this, you may notice that making mistakes actually teach you a lesson or two. Mistakes in MLM can test your ability to handle the business and when surpassed, will improve you and your business tenfold. Fortunately, making some mistakes in the MLM business doesn’t cost that much money so a couple of mistakes now and then won’t hurt that much. However, while mistakes in MLM don’t cost that much finances, it costs you much time – time you could have spent in the proliferation of the business for profit. A mentor in MLM could again be of great help in such instances. They will be able to save you much time and money by helping you avoid the common mistakes marketers do. Not only are you saved from such waste of resources as important as time and money, you are also spared from frustration and you are able to focus your attention in gearing your business towards success. Indeed, mistakes are good teachers and are able to imbibe in us much wisdom but at most times, learning from others mistakes is more desirable and less frustrating. A proper MLM mentor will reiterate to you the mistakes in MLM he has done in the past so you will not actually make them yourself. As a responsible apprentice, you should take heed of such advice and involve your introspection to assess the situation so that you will not have to depend much in others in the future.

Procrastination is something that everyone of us finds difficult to resist. We are often inclined to let things that can actually be done immediately to sit for a day or two. At times, procrastination gets to us so much that we wait until we are suddenly faced by a deadline in the face. Procrastinating slows down the development of your MLM business, since it hinders you and your business from gaining the momentum it needs to move forward. A simple word of encouragement from your mentor can motivate you to take action. This morale boost can be given to you by your mentor over coffee or even through a phone call or a Facebook message. This gives you a competitive edge against your business rivals who do not have anyone to support them in times they need support most. They are left in shadiest corners of the business without anyone who can offer the inspiration they need. Mentors are able to reignite in you the drive to do your best and be the best in MLM. Simple words of encouragement are able to cleanse your mind and heart of negativities that bring you down and pull you back. Often forgotten in MLM business is that as with other aspects in life, it is not always your competitors who most prevent you from achieving success but more often yourself. Knowing what to do and believing yourself that you can do it and that you should take action immediately is vital for the survival of an MLM business and all those are best provided by a mentor who sees beyond the perceptible and obvious mundane factors of the business.

Starting your MLM business is only the tip of the gargantuan iceberg of things you have to accomplish before you are ready to reap the fruits of your toil and hard work. Finding success in MLM often requires you to find a working system that can help your business flourish. Finding the system that suits you and your business is often difficult but never impossible. When MLM marketers fail to find the right system, they just give up on their MLM business dream. An MLM mentor can assist you in formulating the perfect system. Their extensive knowledge of proven systems that have worked for them and many others will greatly benefit you.

If you finally decide to join the MLM business industry or have actually joined it yet find it difficult to prosper, you should consider having a mentor of your own. Having a mentor in the multi-level marketing business can bring several benefits. The wisdom, skills, and experiences your mentor has can be tapped for your business success. They can provide advise in the many aspects of the MLM business and help you realize the prosperous MLM business dream you’ve always had. It is as they say that two heads are better than one.

By: Michaelangelo Flores

7 Small Business Dashboard Design Dos And Don’ts

A business success dashboard is a computer based reporting application that displays your key business metrics in gorgeous colourful graphs that all but smack you in the face with startlingly practical insights about how to boost your business success.

No longer do we need to rely on black and white printed sales reports choking with numbers arranged in columns and rows. Ick! You can’t get powerful insights from looking at numbers arranged in tables – it’s scientifically proven, so don’t bother arguing! ;-)

The really exciting and cool thing about business success dashboards is that they take the guesswork out of your decision making.

Dashboards put right in front of you the bare facts about show-stopping results like how well your marketing is attracting profitable leads, how easily you can convert a lead into a customer, what your customers like and don’t like, where you’re wasting time in your business and how healthy your cash flow is.

But as a small business owner or entreprenuer, you’ll only give your time to setting up your business success dashboard if it’s fun, fast and profit-building. So here are 7 dos and don’ts to make sure your dashboard is:

1. DO start with just a few business metrics, like profit, revenue, cash flow, new leads, website visitors – whatever you’re measuring and tracking now. DON’T wait until you have worked out all the measures that matter for your business: it will take forever, you’ll get bored with it and you’ll be missing profit pumping opportunities from the measures you already use.

2. DO use basic tools you already have – like Microsoft Excel – until you get into the groove of dashboarding and using your business metrics to manage your business. DON’T invest in flashy software until you know how you want your dashboard to serve you.

3. DO use simple line charts to display your measures so you can see trends over time – the trends are more important than the points. DON’T compare this month to last month, or do any other two-point comparisons like this – you never see the real trends or get any real insights this way.

4. DO include Pareto charts to dig into your data, such as to show you the 20% of marketing campaigns that bring 80% of your customers, or the 20% of sales that bring 80% of the revenue. DON’T ever use pie charts – they absolutely suck when it comes to giving you any kind of useful information from your data.

5. DO let form follow function, and only include the measures that matter to your business, and the graphs that best reveal those measures’ trends and insights. DON’T go all Picasso on it – limit your creativity to choice of colours, not to find out how many forms of bling you can build into it.

6. DO use your dashboard weekly, to look for clues about the best ways to ramp up your business results. DON’T lose the discipline of regularly tracking, testing and tuning your business – sure, the dashboard will only be one input to managing your business but it’s an essential input.

7. DO get help from someone who’s really ofay with Excel and graphs, or someone who is experienced with measuring and tracking. DON’T rely on dashboard software people who can’t demonstrate skills in choosing meaningful measures and displaying them appropriately (they usually get carried away with pretty but useless guages and dials). DON’T freak out trying to do it yourself either – the difference that a business dashboard will make to your success and sanity is too valuable.

If the Dashboard Fairy granted you a wish to instantly dashboard 3 measures of your business success, which 3 measures would you choose? What are the 3 most important results that have the most leverage to increase your profits, and improve your work-life balance? Now set up the world’s simplest dashboard using Excel, to start tracking those measures. And finally, commit to taking at least one action to improve the results those measures reveal to you.

By: Stacey Barr

9 Qualities Of Successful People

Everyone wants to be successful in their business life. But how do we assure ourselves that we will be successful? Here are some pointers and traits to consider that will help us guarantee our professional success. Successful people have:

1. The ability to listen – and listen well. Always remember, we have two ears and one mouth, there’s a good reason for that.

2. Assertiveness – successful people know when to say ‘no’ and don’t hesitate to do so. They set limits for themselves and realistic goals without over committing.

3. Do not dwell on past mistakes – we all make mistakes, move past them. Certainly you should learn from them, but don’t waste your time being overly concerned about them.

4. See things from the other person’s point of view – successful people strive to understand the other person and see things from their perspective.

5. Willingness to accept a challenge – an important quality of all accomplished business people is their willingness to try new things, accept a challenge and be open to new ideas and concepts. Don’t ever let your fear of failure stop you from trying new things.

6. Know when to give up and change your approach – evaluate situations regularly to determine success or failure, and when necessary, make a change. Don’t continue to do things that aren’t working for you. If it works, keep doing it; if it doesn’t work – move on to something else.

7. Keep a positive outlook – successful professionals are optimistic and positive. They believe they can be successful and are willing to invest whatever hard work is necessary to accomplish tasks and reach their goals.

8. Continually look for opportunities – even when challenged and things don’t go exactly the way they wish they would, successful people have an unfailing optimism. They’re like the ‘little train that could’ and they constantly tell themselves “I know I can, I know I can.” And they DO!

9. Think and dream big – some may be restricted by the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’, but optimistic and successful people don’t see a glass ceiling and believe that their success and opportunities are unlimited. The word ‘can’t’ isn’t even in their vocabulary because they are absolutely sure that they CAN accomplish anything they want to.

So, how do you measure up according to these nine points? Are you the upbeat, optimistic person who has all the required qualities to be a success? Or do you need to try a bit harder and strive to incorporate these traits into your life?

By: Nancy Paul

Stop Looking For An Instant Wealth Building System & Start Building A Real Business

Wouldn’t you love to find an instant wealth building system? Everyone dreams of starting a business and then instantly finding success and riches, right? Understand, though, that it takes a bit longer for most people to really find true business success.

Understand, further, that it’s this type of mentality that those selling the “get-rich-quick” systems love to find and market to. These are the guys who build up great wealth for themselves as they promise you the quick money as they sell you their biz-in-a-box and then leave you to figure it all out on your own.

Success takes commitment and dedication. Success requires a more long term outlook on things. Doesn’t it make more sense that a legitimate business will take a little bit of money and time investment before you “hit it big” than it does that you set something up and…poof!…you’re rich?

Whether you’re looking to build wealth with a website, a network marketing business (such as Global Information Network, where MLM secrets are shown), a dry cleaners, real estate, stocks or option trading, etc, it doesn’t matter. You should still be taking a long term outlook on things. Consider that even though all businesses have the potential to be wealth building machines, most take one to five years to build up a real, solid residual income stream.

Sure, some folks have “hit it big” after a few short months. However, if your expectations going in are that you’ll have an instant wealth building system, then you may very well be setting yourself up for some huge disappointments and you may want to think again about whether entrepreneurialism is the right avenue for you.

You’re going to need to work on skills such as people skills, marketing, communication, advertising, etc, no matter the business you’re in. Dedication, money and time are required investments when running any business (even just a little niche website). You’re going to have to stay committed to what you’ve started, even during the inevitable “rough spots” you may encounter. You no longer have a boss to tell you what to do. You are your own boss now and that is exactly what the downfall is for most people. No more 9-5 at this point. Now, you gotta go make it happen, no matter what it takes.

My suggestion to you is to pick a business opportunity that you know you’ll really enjoy during the building phase (such as the Global Information Network), stop looking for an instant wealth building system, and get to work for the next 2-5 years on building wealth. If you do that and work consistently, you’ll discover that you’ll eventually build up a solid residual income stream that will allow you to “motor back” a bit, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

By: Matt Zavadil